Junglesweeper 40X46 Grenade


I have a picture about the grenade called junglesweeper produce in new zeland
did she adopted?
what are the data about this grenade?

help me please

I don’t know whether it’s been adopted yet (last I heard it was under evaluation for the New Zealand Army), but it’s a shot load consisting of 50 copper-coated lead balls each 6.3mm diameter, contained within a polyethylene nose cone which splits open on firing. Muzzle velocity 240 m/s, effective range 20m.

It’s made by Flexisolutions of New Zealand.

hello sir

thanks for your explications, I read this grenade are very good for jungle fight .If someone elese have informations I’m interresting.

Is this now a 40x46 or 40x53?

40 x 46 mm

I will have some information on more of their products later on in the year.
One of my friends who is an avid grenade collector is visiting the factory on his next trip up to the North Island. Until then I cant be of any help

Here a bit on Flexisolutions:

marketnewzealand.com/MNZ/Pro … tions.aspx

It is hard to come by their website somehow.

I have previously accessed Flexisolutions’ site, but it wasn’t available when I tried the other day.