Juno shotshell


Who manufactured this shotshell?Juno 16 shotshellJuno 16 shotshell aJuno 16 shotshell b


Hi Bob,

It was made after WW1 by Puškarna in Kranj, Slovenia, which at that time was designated Kingdom of Yugoslavia or Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The ownder of this company was Posinger, who in 1927 moved to Užice and established the companies that culminated in the current Prvi Partizan company.




Hi fede,
Great info, thank you.
I can only say that they are also found without printing on the case.

Regards Rene

P.S. Bob, nice find!


Later they also used the hs “PUŠKARNA KRANJ”.
The company was bought later by “Gorenje GSI d.o.o.” which is known for fridges and kitchen ovens.