Just a few pictures from my most recent cartridge photoshoot

Aaron, I think you are in love!!!

Beautiful photographs !!! Almost as good as being there !!! Excellent . M. Rea

Nice view of the house of an educated gentleman reading books in their first edition in different languages (french german, english), and with a lot of taste because he is collecting antiques guns and ammo (furthermore with their boxes !).

What a shame to alter such views with a piece of junk (the Zoombie ammo)and with an ugly HK !!

If at least it was a 1911 Colt or a beautifull blue S&W !!

PS : I am kidding

Photoshoot day two; 7mm


Those photos are spectacular! The guns are amazing as well. Blown away by these pics.


You need to get a civil war re-enactor with the full handlebar mustache, sabre, etc…, to pose with a couple pistols and a belt-mount cartridge wallet in the next photo shoot!

To paraphrase a member of supreme court. I can not describe true art but I can recognize it when I see it. This was not only a collectors dream it was but together as true art. Thanks Vic