Just added to the IAA Document Resource Center - .30-06 by Chris Punnett

Chris Punnett has donated his book, .30-06, to be included in the IAA Document Resource Center for all members to read.

It is uploaded and available now.


As a reminder, if you are an IAA member and have yet to set up an account on the new research center, feel free to PM me your name and email and I can reset your password and get you set up.


Good news as this is an excellent reference source!

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Thank you, Chris! Not just for allowing IAA to make it available in digital form now, but for taking the time to write it in the first place.

This is an exceptionally useful book, not just for the collector of .30-06, but for ALL ammunition. It is arranged by country/maker and has a lot of great info on the history of the various makers useful for dating other cartridges. Every cartridge collector needs a copy of this, either hard copy on their handy bookshelf (like mine is) or a digital copy courtesy of the IAA website.

Well done, all!

Thank you Chris!

Chris, thanks a lot for being so generous!
I have the hardcopy but appreciate having it in digital so I can have it with me any time at work/travel.

Thank You Chris Punnett

Thanks, Chris, for allowing the IAA to offer your wonderful book as a PDF file, which downloads quickly and easily. I enjoyed going through it again. And thanks, Aaron, for understanding the technology that makes this possible. Makes me wonder about HWS Vol I Revised and Vol II.

Hail to Chris! This is an excellent book.