Just added to the IAA Document Resource Center - over 3 decades of THE .22 BOX

Richard Rains and the Association for the Study and Research of .22 Caliber Rimfire Cartridges have generously donated the first 32 years of their journal, THE .22 BOX, for inclusion in the International Ammunition Association Document Resource Center.

This is a huge collection of information from across the world dedicated to a single topic - .22 rimfire cartridge boxes.

Thank you very much Rich! We will keep this information safe and available to collectors and researchers for many years to come!


Maybe I have missed something, I can’t seem to create an account or log in to the data base ?
Thank you in advance for the help.


I’ve sent you a couple messages with the account info. I’ll try to find it and send you the info again.

Thank you Arron !!!
That is a great addition I have a few years of the 22 Box , Richard has done us all a BIG favor !