Just in time for SLICS


Take five minutes and write your state legislator about how you feel. I did!

Note that this is a federal bill, not state, so it is members of Congress who should be contacted. Frankly it is a waste of time to do so right now. Dozens of silly bills with no chance of passage get introduced every year, and go nowhere. If/when this gains some traction, then Congressmen will pay attention and heed your input, but not now.

Background checks for ammo is utter nonsense, of course, but that does not mean that it may not gain support. It may move this year, or be one of those ideas that takes 10-20 years before all the other “reasonable restrictions” fail and they decide one more law will make criminals change careers.

A much more important thing to do is to support pro-gun (and ammo) congressmen up for election in November. They need money, and also volunteers to make phone calls, hand out literature, put up yard signs, etc. If your Congress critter is hopeless, then support candidates in other districts who have a better chance of winning. Contributions to the NRA-PVF helps get good candidates elected, and contributions to NRA-ILA help with lobbying to stop bad bills and pass good ones. Both need all the money they can get.

The threat to ammunition collectors is real- just ask some of our members. Make your efforts count by picking the right targets.


If you don’t believe that any of this crap the idiots in
Congress are contemplating, move to my state, California,
where the luntics are in charge of the asylum. Today California,
tomorrow the whole country, to paraphrase an old saying.

We can no longer receive even one round of ammunition for our
collections by UPS to our homes. After the middle of next year,
other parts of the law will take effect and Lord knows what then.

Typical of the party in power in California, our Governor recently
signed five laws pertaining to firearms. Four of them just made
life harder for honest dealers and good citizens with an interest in
firearms. The fifth one REDUCED PENALTIES for using a gun in
the commission of a crime. These people have never met a criminal
they didn’t love and feel sorry for, nor a legitimate gun owner that they
did not hate.


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Sorry, more bad news http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/27/retired-supreme-court-justice-stevens-says-second-amendment-should-be-repealed.html

John Moss I wouldn’t throw in the towel yet. Someday some people in California will come to their senses and finally realize that outlawing certain firearms, ammo and magazine clips has NOT decreased the crime rate. The way they should start is come down hard on criminals that commit gun crimes, no parole, no early releases, no plea bargaining. Of course I sure I’m preaching to the choir on this great website!