Just some new pinfire boxes

Nice boxes. thanks for sharing. The ammo packed in wood shaving looks factory fresh


Had to google-translate ‘revolver a broche’. Out came ‘revolver pin’… I hope my suggestion of ‘pinfire revolver’ was accepted ;-)
Nice boxes.

Very nice boxes Aaron!

The Shamrock Brand box looks interesting. Would the headstamp for these cartridges be the shamrock on the box?


The Shamrock brand was an import by Frank Dyke of London & mine has just a straight impressed line or dash running from the rim at / where the pin fits, to almost, but not quite, the middle of the head, I think it is a manufacturing mark, (but may be wrong) & so no headstamp, as such, in my tin.

My favorite of the bunch is the Egestorff, for what ever that’s worth.

Thank you Pete. I was unsure if I remembered seeing the shamrock on a rimfire or pinfire in the past. It must have been on a Flobert, in which I had seen this stamp previous.