Just starting with cartridge collecting. Interested in seeing some of your guys' favorite or rarest cartridges!


Wood case REM/UMC for 192 pkt of 8 Ctg French 8x50r Mle1886 D ww1

Copy of US00011d

Found empty since 15/20 years ago :-(
Certainly with this inside .

Bsrg, Dan


Lookin’ good!

Not a .244 Remington, this is a .224 Remington.

IHSMA - a profile picture of the .224 Remington cartridge, and perhaps case measurements, would probably be welcome by those that collect these calibers.

John Moss

You’re right John, I should have done that. Thanks for the prompt!

Bullet Diameter 0.224"
Neck Diameter 0.255"
Shoulder Diameter 0.425"
Base Diameter 0.467"
Rim Diameter 0.468"
Case Length 2.231"
OAL Cartridge Length 2.662"

Here’s the .224 round on the right, loaded with a 56 gr. JSP, next to a standard .243 Winchester.

thank you very much. I have files for each case type, and while it could never be complete, this is one case type I had no file for. Didn’t even know it existed. Live and learn.


I have this same 224 Remington round in my collection. It is my understanding that it was a prototype that never went into production.

A standard .357 Magnum case.


Standard dimension .380 ACP, loaded hotter for use in the MAC submachine gun. Not for pistols.


I’ll try to get you some photos in the next couple of days of the following:

  1. My M-117 750 pound bomb (inert, of course).
  2. My .14 Flea (.32 Auto necked down to .142" caliber).
  3. I have a Cape Gun (a side by side, 16 Gauge left barrel, unknown rifled right barrel) for which I’ve never found anyone who could tell me what the right barrel is chambered for. So, I had 23 rounds of brass made for it and named the case the “14mm Pieper”, as the gun was made by Pieper and the number “14” is stamped on the underside of the barrel. The barrel itself is .57 or .58 caliber and so the number 14mm is only nominal, even if only roughly so.

My philosophy of collecting is “The weirder, the better.”

I was once starting work on a .102 Alternative Ammo round consisting of a lengthened .22 Long Rifle case necked down to .10 caliber. Interest in this round ceased when the guy who was making the barrel for me went out of business.

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Heres a photo of the box for your MAC 380. Only print is on the top.

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Dean, can you post a side image of this cartridge? Development of a new “Scorpion” brand started in 1980 but the name was changed to “Viper” in late 1981.



Thanks very much, Pete!

Fede, the round I have is only a primed empty case, so I don’t know what kind of bullet it was loaded with.

The headstamp was only tried and never went into production. The only rounds found are new primed empties. One turns up now and again. Fede is correct and they almost immediately changed the headstamp and marketed it as the Viper.


Thanks! The bullet tested was a truncated cone like the “Yellow Jacket”, but having a solid nose.




One of my best cartridges is the 8x63 with a Hungarian phosforous loaded incendiary projectile:
The 8x63 with the Hungarian incendiary projectile were imported in 1941 for the account of KFF (Kungliga flyg förvaltningen,) I have never seen this projectile for any other country, and that is strange. It is also unusual with the ogival form of the projectile. For the time they are usually of Spitz types. My only guess is that this form can carry more reactive materials inside the projectile. The projectile is loaded in a 8x63 case from 1942.

8x63_1000 8x63_1002


Fede & IHMSA80x80
CCI made cases with this headstamp for Remington with a Remington bunter. Those they made have a step inside the case.
Dave Andrews gave me some of their (CCI) production and ID them as such.

Amkat, was it imported from Sweden?