Just starting with cartridge collecting. Interested in seeing some of your guys' favorite or rarest cartridges!

Thanks Pete, first hand information is priceless.



Hi sksvlad!

During second world war, Sweden were in need of incendiary ammunition for both air and land use. Several constructions were developed in country but none were considered to fulfill the needs. Several tests were conducted with designs from abroad, were of one is the German B patrone. Finally, the best offer were a Hungarian produced projectile. Sweden bought 1 -10 million projectiles manufactured by
Factory A.-G. Jagdpatronen Zundhutshen und Metallwarenfabrik, Budapest, Hungary.

The projectiles is in the caliber 7,92, and were loaded in Sweden as 8x63. It was distributed only to the airforce. There is maybe a handful left today.


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Great info Pete! Thanks!

I saw this post then got distracted. I dont currently have Pic taking abiloitys so cant post pictures, But there is a plethora of things to collect. Ive alwasy enjoyed US and dGerman WW2 era, bit more particularl 9x19 from any perioid. HAved auto pistol, SMG Rifle andd MG up to 15MM and da few larger items (All ijnert) sliped in over the years. My Old Friend and ling time IAA member, Its up to you and whatever interest you have to pursue. Most of us wil never amass what Bill Woodin Did! .Thats OK! Pick something you enjoy!

A clear lucite display showing the 8 draw steps, plus one completed round, to making the ICCA’s first commemorative cartridge, the .416 Rigby. Made by B.E.L.L.

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Unusual .577 Nitro Express new case, with the date on the headstamp. Perhaps the first one they made?

And my favorite, another .577 NE case to commemorate the closing of B.E.L.L.

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