Just to enjoy: Box of .320 from S&B RIGA

Box is from iron sheet with 2 language printig (German and russian), showing the maker as Zündhütchen & Patronenfabrik, vormals Sellier&Bellot, at RIGA…
It says: Primer & Ammofactory, former Sellier&Bellot , which in my opinion points to the Schönebeck-Parent Company and not to the Prag/Vlasim Plant as parent…
The Term "Zündhütchen uns Patronenfabrik (former Sellier&Bellot) " was always used by the Schönebeck Factory


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Peter, great box! Thanks for sharing.

We should remember that (in Czech) “Primer and Cartridge Factory, formerly Sellier & Bellot” was the name used also in Czechoslovakia after “Nostrification” (transfer of company shares from Austrian into Czechoslovak hands).
While Schönebeck was immediately sold in 1921 [to Steyr I believe], Riga was sold in 1937.

Source: Czech Firearms and Ammunition, Prague: Radix 1995