JW 7.62x39 Cutaway Collection Edited


Done with the first batch, just got the second. Sgt Major been keeping me busy. Thanks for everything Jack. wolf (k)

Edited- hope this is better (k)

USSR and early Soviet

#43-USSR 539/76 ball
50-USSR 539/K API black over red tip
49-USSR 711/72 tracer
51-USSR 539/A - I/T red tip
86-USSR 711/80 ball - from “Operation Just Cause” in Pnanma
14-USSR/Germany 711/88 cases loaded in Germany after reunification
85-USSR 539/69 Flutted dummy steel core
38-Early Soviet 60/50

Russian Fed

#77-Barnual blank
34-Barnual ball red bullet sealant
91-Barnual ball
40-Ulanovsk ball
12-Ulanovsk M8 ball melpat
90-TZP/KOPP tula ball hollow tip
89-TCW ball hollow tip
82-Yvmpel- from Afgan National Army for training
46-BPZ ball hollow point
20-Barnual ball zinc plated steel
13-Ulyanovsk plastic projectile base
28-711/92 ball hollow point
37-Barnual jacketed soft point
3-Wolf ball poly finish
47-Wolf 154gr by box?

Peoples Rep of China

#53-PRC 501/77 tracer green tip
52-PRC 501/81 - I/T red tip
kga-PRC 311/91 steel core
88-PRC plastic belted dummy
75-PRC 311/86 blank
45-PRC 71/89 ball
54-PRC 31/90 plastic beads in tip
19-PRC 351/92 jacketed soft point
21-PRC 31/93 ball
83-PRC dummy flutted steel core, soldered together


#87-Horniday V MAX Russian cases?
41-Bell Military Contract MMD
59-no H/S made from 7.62x51 tracer cups
64-FC ball military contract overrun
65-Winchester soft point
4-Subsonic on russian case 711/78 black over green tip
48-reformed 7.62x45 by TCCI
2-no H/S (FA) blank orig. type 4 prototype blank
kg-R-P/7.62x39 gun show tracer with M62 tracer projectile

Czech and DDR

#56-Czech BXN/63 short range tracer blue over white tip
15-Czech S&B sp base of bullet marked s+b
73-Czech S&B ball
69-Czech BXN/91 steel core
11-Czech ZV/77 steel core
25-DDR melpat ball
63-DDR 05/68 flutted dummy steel core
78-DDR 05/87 blank
80-DDR excerise Pat
81-DDR 04/87 short range

Communist Bloc

#66-Yugo no head stamp ball
31-Yugo M67 NNY/1976 ball
22-Yugo NNY/1980/Y ball
7-Yugo NNY/1987 short range Aluminum
76-Yugo NNY/1984 blank
6-Yugo M59 NK/67 steel core
kgf-Yugo IK/90 tracer green tip
70-Poland 21/69 steel core
57-Poland 343/71 tracer green tip
67-Bulgaria 10/65 steel core
30-Bulgaria 10/94 ball export?
33-Hungray 21/69 ball
79-Hungray 21/83 blank
39-Hungray MFS ball
36-Serbia NNY/7.62 short soft point

Middle East

#kgg-Egypt UAR/27/70 tracer
55-Egypt UAR/27/71 API black over red tip
26-Egypt UAR/27/59 ball
74-Egypt ARE/27/77 blank
72-Syria 1970 ball
71-Iran 94 ball export?
5-Iran 95 ball GMCS
10-Iraq 03/39/89 ball green primer
9-Iraq 03/39/89 ball red primer
18-Israel IMI ball single primer hole
62-Israel IMI dummy annodized case no H/S

Left Overs

#68-S Korea PMC/7.62x39 ball
8-Portugal FNM/86/1 ball
32-Finland VPT/69 ball
84-Finland blue wooden bullet
RC- key chain
35-Zimbabwe IZ/97 ball
29-S Africa 13/88 steel core
kgc-S Africa 13/88 ball
27-Greece EDP/02 ball
44-Brazil CBC ball


Bravo! A wonderful collection


Pretty pictures and very nice sections, but they don’t mean a whole lot without some details such as what load and headstamp each of them are.


Nice pictures, but can you attach some more information about?