K A 73 headstamp

Hi… Looking for some help with this headstame . Chris Punnett book on .30-06 says that the headstamp was used from 1959 to about 1965. He also states that only Ball and Dummy rounds were seen with this type of headstamp. Or have i got it totally wrong. Any thoughts please.

Paul, it doesn’t answer your question but I have exactly the same cartridge with the same headstamp. Perhaps Chris just wasn’t aware of 1973 production when he compiled his book.

As Jim alludes to in his post above, Korean .30-06 with the KA 73 headstamp most likely had not been seen on the surplus ammunition market in any loading (ball, tracer, dummy etc.) at the time Chris did his research for his book.


The manufacturer is Poongsan?


Brian, thank you for the link!!!

Thank to all its now sorted … and its nothing special !.. have to keep looking!.. paul