K.K.Kovia .303 Brit Finnish box

What is behind “303 British” label? May someone run down all these numbers because it is very confusing to me?

All the numbers confuse me also. I do know that I’ve seen a bunch of these boxes over the years and that’s the first one with the 303 label that I’ve seen. I have seen several of these boxes that have had the bullets pulled and replaced with soft points to be sold to shooters. I’m guessing the label was added by someone selling the box here.

OK, I answered one of my questions - what’s under the label? See here auctionarms.com/search/displ … um=8946917
I still don’t know what that panoply of numbers is. That “4C” is actually “40”, i.e. 1940.

Whoops, I misunderstood. I guess you meant “behind” literally! Sorry!