"k.t" .30-06?

I can’t find this round in Chris Punnett’s book. Any ideas as to load and origin?
GMCS, brass case and primer, knurls at and above case mouth, ring primer crimp, green annulus.

Kongsberg Tojhus, Denmark ???

Added: The above information came from “The Cartridge Guide by Ian Hogg” published in 1982. However it’s been pointed out to me that there isn’t a Kongsberg in Denmark so the info must be wrong.

Ah…a secret headstamp for a secret city!

Hi JonnyC,

your e-mail was forwarded to me.
I have never seen this one before. Looks like a 2008 production.
ChrisP gave some directions regarding PPU or so but the primer crimp throws me off.
I am in the middle of packing things and off to SLICS but after my return, I will do
some investigation.


PS do you happen to have more than one specimen [color=#FF0000]:o) [/color]

From the condition of the case, I would think it has been around longer than two years. Wouldn’t 1980 be more likely?

I thought that it would be pretty unlikely that this headstamp
didn’t turn up for the last 30 years.

I read the date as “1980”, based on how the other headstamp elements are oriented. Odd thing about the cartridge is the projectile. Looks to be of the 7.62x51mm ball variety… with a second cannelure added so it could be loaded into .30-06. Was there not some Danish .30-06 with this style projectile loaded towards the end of their production of this caliber?


Only the one, but I got a batch of stuff from a source that might have more lying about. I will try to see of there are more.

I recently bought about 500 rounds of 30-06 from SG ammo. It was advertised as Italian SMI headstamp M2 ball but noted to have some K.T headstamps mixed in. The ammo I received seems to be all the same K.T ammo as pictured except it’s marked 79 not 80. Anyone have any ideas? It came repacked in boxes marked SMI 77 and was in a lot of the SMI ammo that SG is selling.

Hi Henry

can you please post s picture of the box and ammo ( KT as well as the SMI)


Will do. I’ll work on posting some pics after work today.

The Italian connection seems odd, since there is basically no letter “K” in the Italian alphabet.

However, you do see the letter “K” in Italy in words of foreign origin. The various measurements of Kilo… are spelled with the “K” in Italy.

Interesting. It is a headstamp I have never seen on anything, although of course, I do not collect .30-06.

john Moss

Your subject is a bit cryptic…“k.t.” is that part of the headstamp?
The packet descriptor is .30M2 Ball, By SMI ( Italian) or Sudsteyrische Metallpatronen Industrie( Austria 1970s-90s)
The headstamp is the key…better enlarged photo is required.
K t is not an Italian usage…but may be Germanic.
The green primer lacquer in Europe-NATO USUALLY
signifies Normal Ball.
It could be a coded date stamp?? The label shows 77(

Doc AV.

Doc, With the first photo enlarged, the headstamp is clearly K.T 30-06 80, while the photo of the cartridges in the box shows the headstamps to be K.T 30-06 79. So, there are two dates for this headstamp. I have no idea how the 1979 date on the headstamps squares with what appears to be a 1977 lot number on the box!

I would think from the cartridge characteristics (especially that green PA) and the headstamp letters, that the maker was likely the Austrian “SMI” rather than the Italian firm. That is purely a guess on my part. I had never seen this headstamp before on any caliber of ammunition, and have no documentation on it.

John Moss

Henry, great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Doc AV and John, SMI of Austria did not manufacture ball loadings in this caliber, only plastic blanks. The “K.T.” headstamped cartridges look like products of SMI of Italy. Check this earlier thread for more information and comparison with the “PKS” cartridges, that also look like a product of SMI of Italy: .30-06 PKS headstamp



Fede - interesting. I don’t collect .30-06, so I didn’t know that. Did they produce ball ammunition in 7.62 NATO. Seems to me I saw one of those once, and it did not look like the SMI bunter on the same caliber. Just a memory, perhaps faded and not accurate now. I don’t collect .308 either, and might even be thinking of 5.56 X 45, since years ago, I started a collection of that caliber, but gave up on it when it became obvious it would be a world-wide cartridge with more variations than I could hope to ever see.

In the context of the Italian language, the KT headstamp being Italian and the box in English, it would almost have to be an export with the headstamp ordered by the customer, I guess.

John M.

Thanks for the information everyone. It’s reassuring to me to learn the green sealant is a European NATO standard for ball ammo. I was concerned if this stuff will be safe to shoot. I’m reassured with this knowledge.

You can view the sale listing for this ammo at www.sgammo.com under 30-06 for sale.

Sam, the owner of SGAmmo wrote me he thought the K.T headstamp stuff was made by SMI in Italy as it was included in a lot of 18,000 SMI he imported. He speculated they just marked it differently in 79 when they made it.

I like the idea of a custom headstamp for an export order as this at least makes some sense. Clearly this ammo was virtually unknown in the USA prior to this recent import. I think this also fits the custom order idea.
I also don’t know why it’s in boxes from an earlier 77 lot other then maybe SMI has left over boxes and just used what they had on hand rather them stamp up new boxes.