"k.t" .30-06?


I can’t find this round in Chris Punnett’s book. Any ideas as to load and origin?
GMCS, brass case and primer, knurls at and above case mouth, ring primer crimp, green annulus.


Kongsberg Tojhus, Denmark ???

Added: The above information came from “The Cartridge Guide by Ian Hogg” published in 1982. However it’s been pointed out to me that there isn’t a Kongsberg in Denmark so the info must be wrong.


Ah…a secret headstamp for a secret city!


Hi JonnyC,

your e-mail was forwarded to me.
I have never seen this one before. Looks like a 2008 production.
ChrisP gave some directions regarding PPU or so but the primer crimp throws me off.
I am in the middle of packing things and off to SLICS but after my return, I will do
some investigation.


PS do you happen to have more than one specimen [color=#FF0000]:o) [/color]


From the condition of the case, I would think it has been around longer than two years. Wouldn’t 1980 be more likely?


I thought that it would be pretty unlikely that this headstamp
didn’t turn up for the last 30 years.


I read the date as “1980”, based on how the other headstamp elements are oriented. Odd thing about the cartridge is the projectile. Looks to be of the 7.62x51mm ball variety… with a second cannelure added so it could be loaded into .30-06. Was there not some Danish .30-06 with this style projectile loaded towards the end of their production of this caliber?



Only the one, but I got a batch of stuff from a source that might have more lying about. I will try to see of there are more.