K31 .276 Proof?

Can someone give me the correct designation of this cartridge with the H/S K 31 .276 ?

“.276 inch Pedersen high-pressure proof cartridge manufactured by ICI Ltd used standard cases, identified by a purple base stripe. The charge here was however cordite instead of nitrocellulose and charge weight was 40 grains (Cordite size 3 3/4 with one wad). Because of the different charge , the bullet was not seated as far down as with standard ball, leaving the bullet cannelure fully visible and giving an overall cartridge length of 74.5mm. Proof pressure developed was 23.75 tons per square inch”

Hope that is of some help.

Taken from “British Small Arms Ammunition 1864-1938” by Peter Labbett.


Thanks a lot for the information.


In case anyone is interested, there will be one of these in the 2010 St. Louis Friday night auction.