K4 Yeading factory address

In Hayes Middlesex England just north of Heathrow Airport as you come over the railway bridge there is a small industrial estate on the left. I was told years ago there used to be a “bullet factory” there during the war.

I suspect it was Kynoch’s K4 Yeading although the village of Yeading was about a mile further north.

In the interests of local history I am trying to document it. Has anyone got an address?

The K4 factory was further north than the Pump Lane industrial estate. It was north of Yeading village, between there and Northolt Airport.

See this local history site for more details.

middx.net/hillingdon/forum/viewt … &sk=t&sd=a


Thanks Tony
I have located the site now but there is no point in going to have a look because its been completely redeveloped and quite recently.

Actually, the area that was pointed out to me wasn’t in Pump Lane it was in Blythe road but that doesn’t matter.
I think the original source of the information was correct because he lived very close by during the war but I think what he was describing was part of a motorcycle factory ( Rudge or Brough ?) that was just taken over for war work. Perhaps his description as a “bullet factory” was literally correct and it was just a feeder perhaps for K4 perhaps for something else unrelated.

From the information on the Hillingdon Chat site, I believe the location is roughly within the red square. One of the posts on that forum shows a picture of the poster’s old house on Maple Road, apparently some of the boundary fence to the Kynoch site is in the photo on the left of the derelict ambulance in the front garden. The blue line on my pic is maple road, and the yellow dot is the ambulance (still in the garden when the aerial photo was taken). To the right is the Hayes Bypass. If you can get into any of the fields it might be worth going over them with a metal detector.

Most of the K4 Yeading buildings were just wooden sheds, built in 1941 at a cost of 150,000 pounds. I seem to remeber finding a brick-built gate-house many years ago.

PS - it didn’t even last out the war - K4 Yeading was closed down on 13th September 1944.