K69 455 - Has anyone else seen this headstamp?

Hes anyone else seen a .455 Webley round with the jeadstamp “K69 455”? I have one of around 15 that were found in Lake Windermere in the lake district area of Northern England. I have never seen this headstamp anywhere else, neither has the person I got them from. These rounds have the usual lead Mark 2 style bullet, but a small brass Berdan primer cup instead of the traditional one. This was loaded with disc-shaped cordite grains, which here damp when it was pulled as water had seeped into the round. The brass case is quite pitted, and the lead bullet is heavily corroded from being in water. Please post if you have seen this headstamp or have a round in your collection.

I don’t have the same headstamp as yours but I do have a very similar ‘K66 455’ if this helps. As far as I’m aware this is a Mk 6z and isn’t particularly unusual.

As far as I’m aware this is a Mk 6z and isn’t particularly unusual.

Does yours have a jacketed bullet? If yours is a Mk 6z it would have to have an FMJ bullet and nitro powder. Mine would be a Mk 2 as it had cordite powder and a non-jacketed lead bullet.

You are right - mine is the FMJ load and not lead.

My latest dated .455 MK II (lead bullet) is K66. Also have it in a blank with a glazed tan board topwad, held with a rolled crimp.
Not seen a 69 date on these & would think them quite late as Kynoch was shutting down ammo production then (was when I was there in 66- 67)

I know they made military ammo up until at least 1970, which is the latest date I have seen. I have a .50 BMG factory dummy headstamped “K 70 L11A2” and a fired .303 case headstamped “K 70 7”. It is likely that these late .455s with military headstamps were loaded for foreign contracts, as the UK had no .455 Webley service revolvers left by 1969.

Falcon - Do any police agencies in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or the Channel Islands have any .455 Webleys in service? I bring up the point because since your K69 round is a lead-bulleted cartridge, it is unlikely to be a foreign contract for any military serivce (Hague Convention), although it could be for either domestic or foreign police use. It could also be a competition target round for use in Government-sponsered matches, if they do that at all in England.

Just wondered?

John Moss

John, I don’t think our police have had any .455 Webleys in service since before WW2, if we ever did. We used the Webley & Scott .32 Auto at one stage I know, and the .380 Webley to some degree after WW2 in the rare occasions when firearms were issued. I believe these days all our armed police are issed with Glock 19s. For longarms we have MP5s, G36s and some Steyrs, and I believe modified Parker Hale hunting rifles for sharpshooters. Don’t take any of that on British police weapons as correct, it is only “as far as I know”. Foreign police use is a good suggestion, another collector told me he saw .455 Webleys being carried by police in Malta in the '50s. Not sure about government sponsored matches.

Just a thought, and a bit of a guess, but I suspect that Northern Ireland’s ‘B-Specials’ would have been carrying .455 Webleys at this time and this loading may well have been produced for them. Simon, any ideas?