Kalashnikov Group (Russia) ammunition line

Kalashnikov Group new ammunition line/sales catalog:


A couple of examples from the catalog-

I assume they have the ammunition produced by one of the large ammunition producers in Russia; proprietary headstamp???


Brian, I kinda remember that they were planning on real own production.

Maybe Max Popenker can clarify and also tell about headstamps?

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Worked for me in Chrome.

Curious as to why 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 are in inch designations. I’d like a box of the 7.63x39 but cannot see me getting one here in Australia.

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… and in Opera too.

PRICES in Rubles; reasonably cheap, given the inflated Ruble-Dollar exchange rate.
Mayhem, given we also have an
Ukrainian-Russian war Embargo, imports from Russia are off the table at present.

Allcases are Berdan, Phosphated steel, and for normal use, unreloadable…to the ordinary
But for the RKIs in both Australia and USA with Berdan primer supplies, a good source.
Doc AV

An odd website! I can open it, but in printing, it will only print out the first page, and not successive ones, which come out blank, but in the right number. Nothing I tried would make it print out the box pictures, or any other pictures, with one exception. I clicked on 9 mm Makarov, and brought that page up. No good cartridge date at all. It pictured two Mak cartridges and then the box itself. In my print-out, only the cartridge part of the picture printed out, not the box label! Frustrating.

Also could not find a way to translate it. I don’t use google because while sometimes the translation is o.k., sometimes it is absolutely terrible, and on Mak stuff, I always need a very accurate translation.

If anyone out there could post a brief review of the company itself, that would be helpful. It seems to be a conglomerate of companies already in existence for some time, although not sure of that.

A shame we will likely never see this line in the United States.

john M.

In the top menue, if you click on “MEDIA” it opens a page with “EN” in the upper right corner that gives you an English [or mostly English] language page on Weapons, so there is probably an English version of the ammo, somewhere.
I think английский is Russian for English?

A few years ago they introduced a line of “Kalashnikov” brand shotshells made by Fetter. They also offered keyrings with a laser etched “K” in 9x18, 9x19, 7.62x51 and 7.62x54R.

Working for me now. Internet troubles, but thanks everyone

Fede - Interesting. I have Russian made key rings in 9 mm Makarov, 5.45 x 18, and 9 mm Para, They are chrome-plated,including all of the cartridges, what all have Tula headstamps, and were made for the American distributor “SSI” of Anaheim, California. I also have one with a disc marked for WOLF Performance ammo, showing the company’s American phone number. On that one, the 9 mm Para cartridge is with normal greenish-laquered case and brass-jacketed FMJ bullet, probably without core. The ring and the loop that protrudes from the primer pocket are also not plated.

Oddly, all four of these key chain cartridges have the bullet seated out long than usual, almost like there was some regulation that required it. For example, the Wolf and the SSI cartridges are near identical overall cartridge length, although obviously made at different times.

Edited to correct numerous typographical errors. I must have been half-asleep when I typed the original version!


John et al.,

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalashnikov_Concern


Brian - great article, but frustrating. My sole interest in this company under its current brand name is ammunition, and I did not see a word about that in the article. Wish they had an online catalog, with English translation available from them.

I will print out the Wikipedia article for my general files, but the main task at hand for me is always adding to the history of the 9 x 18 mm cartridge, and how they fit in, as well as good “catalog information” regarding specs, loadings offered, etc. Unfortunately what little of that there is, is in Cyrillic Russian. Not any help to me, because I can’t read it. I don’t know how to use the Goggle translator, and regardless, when it comes to a lot of the stuff we, as cartridge collectors, are interested in, Google translations are less than satisfying. I much prefer when a company’website has its own translation. Sometimes the “social” translation is a little skewed, but usually the main terms and tech info are pretty understandable.

C’est le Guerre!

John M.

No H/S info yet but my sources say it all is made in Tula, so my bet is on standard TPZ h/s to keep costs down.

Max, thanks a lot! Have you seen the boxes already?

Not yet, but I’m going to buy myself some 9mm as soon as it hits the shelves locally

my bet - own h/s :)

I’m going to place an order for box or four ;) so, hopefully, will be able to post everything first-hand soon

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