Kam hsdt kurz in the U.S

Hello everyone,
I have collected kurz ammunition by headstamp beginning in the mid 1990s and have been frustrated by the seeming lack of any kam hsdt kurz available in the U.S.I have also tried several sources in Europe and found that all could not ship to the U.S,does anyone have any knowledge of these rds in the U.S ,or why they seem to be so rare?.Did the Hasag controlled factory at Skarzysko-Kamienna make less cases per lot than was normal?,were they distoryed or used up during or after the war? (more so than other makers),I have seen other makers that have only made five lots,fva 45, hla 45, these seem to turn up regularly,what is the difference as far as Kam is concerned? This has always been a facinating yet fustrating mystery for me,any thoughts will be greatly appreciated thank you all very much in advance for your replies as well as your time.

If anyone has (or knows of) any kam kurz that can be shipped to or in the U.S please P.m me!
Thank You!

Surely part of the problem would be that the factory in Poland ceased production a half year before the war’s end. The 1945 production of the factories in Germany was often never issued and at war’s end was on a railway platform somewhere unless the Anglo-American jabos got it first. Jack

According to Dieter Kapell’s book, kam made only one single headstamp (kam St 1 44) and that was already in June 1944, not long before the evacuation.

The checklist in Die Militarpatronen Kaliber 7.9mm by Brandt, Hamann & Windisch on pg 251 shows lots 1 through 5 with the kam st 44 headstamp.

I don’t have any of them either.

Here is a thread with photo of the Kam headstamps for 7.92x33:


Thanks for the input everyone,I agree that a reason for the rarity of kam produced cases could be from being used in battle or being destroyed during transport ,as the Kamienna factory had transported all its machinery and materials to the Hasag works in Leipzig in the latter half of 1944 to save it from the Soviet army,giving more time for the rds to be used up,however I have noticed that even 1942 and 43 produced kurz rds still turn up every once in a while,whereas I have never seen or heard about any kam kurz rd for sale in the U.S or in a collection in the U.S.this seems odd like there is some missing piece of information in the production/distribution process.As for the five lots of kam in 44,Dr.Dieter Kapell’s (great) book has several refrerenses ,pages 149 and 163 ,lots 1-4 have both the type 88 and type 30/40 primers used in production and lot five only the type 30/40 known.Again thank you all very much for the ideas/comments and please keep them comming!

There are “kam” Kurz rounds in American collections. I had one in my small collection of Kurz - a joke almost, since at the time, I had about 40 Kurz rounds and 12,600 specimens of 7.9 x 57 in my collection. I am sure there is at least one at Woodin Lab, and have seen them on other collector’s lists of their collections, although I forget who they were - would not really be appropriate to name them here anyway.

I used to collect 7,92 kurz many years ago as a side hobby. I never realized that the kam rounds were scarce. Here is a picture of the three that I found in my stash of goodies. I got them from an ammo dealer, that dealt with collectables at one of the local shows.

Thanks for the great pic,it’s good to see that there are some still around,(and different lots too).thanks again for posting!