Kansas Cartridge Collector Show 20-21 Sep

I know the Kansas show has been going on for many years, but I’ve never been. I can’t find much on it, including on the Events tab on our IAA website. There isn’t a web site link like for other shows. Does anyone have any info, such as hours, location (address, event hall, etc.) or any other information that would be useful for a first-timer?

Kansas Cartridge Collectors Association
Cartridge Show & Auction
September 20-21, 2019
(Set-up and show Friday afternoon, show and auction Saturday 9am-6pm, awards and teardown Sunday 8am-10am)
Sterl Hall, Eisenhower City Park, 619 N. Rogers Street, Abilene, KS
Cartridge Auction on Saturday after 4pm
For Further Information Contact: Vic Suelter, 2185 E. Iron Drive, Lincoln, KS 67455
Phone: 785-524-4895