Kansas Cartridge show

Kansas Cartridge show is next weekend. September 20 - 21
Great little show. Always find something good there.
See you there.

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Thanks for the reminder. I really need to scope this out someday since I live like 1.5 hours away.

I wish I’d gotten into collecting when I was still in college, I went to school in Emporia.

wish I could get away & make it. NEXT year.

Last year I drove all the way from North Michigan to attend this show. And my only regret is that I won’t be there again this year. If I lived only 1.5 hours away there is no way I would miss being there. GO! GO NOW! 😁

1.5 hours? Heck, I am going to Syracuse gun show this weekend and it is 2.5 hours away. If it were 1.5 hours, I’d go to the show, then drive home for lunch and come back to the show for closing.
Pete, maybe I can join you next year? I really want to get to that National WWI museum.

Sounds good Vlad, I owe you a dinner too.

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Vlad - the WWI Museum in Kansas City is worth a trip by itself. Wonderful place! There is a WWI French tank there, with damage at the rear. I was thrilled to see it again. It used to be in the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, in San Franciso. It was in the gun room. Somewhere along the line, I forget when, the Museum decided it didn’t want the gun room anymore, so all the guns were sent to an auction in Los Angeles, along with the tank and other larger weapon displays. SF Residents didn’t get a chance to bid on anything. I understand that the man who bought the tank ended up donating it to the WWI Museum. I spent about two or three hours in there when we drove from Calif. to the SLICS show, on the way back. Wonderful displays for good viewing! you will enjoy it!

John Moss

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And don’t forget the Coeur d’Alene show this coming weekend! There will be 3 of us from the Edmonton area making the 10 hour drive.


Almost a 24 drive for me. I think not 🤔😢

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Always a good show. And the Mexican food and margaritas are a nice bonus.

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Well, technically my address is 1.5 hours away…

I travel for work, which is why I haven’t made it previously. I’m on the gulf right now in Texas, last week southern Indiana.

I’ll make it, and bring plenty of neat stuff, if I’m home this year.