Karachi overlabel

Interesting over-label on this empty Eley 300 Extra Long box
Manufactured expressly for
A. HAJEEDOSSUL & Sons (A. Haji Dossul & Sons?)
Arms and Ammunition Merchants
a704 10BO - code on top
a386 15CQ - code on over-label
any information on Dossul from Karachi and code info would be greatly appreciated.
Eley%20300XL%20Karachi%20overlabel Eley%20300XL%20Karachi%20overlabel%20a Eley%20300XL%20Karachi%20overlabel%20c

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A nice Eley packet.
I have this label on a red .280 Rimless box also by Eley.
Looks like the Karachi label is WW1 or earlier for period of operation.
I also await the company information. Ron.

HAJEE ( Also Hadj or Hatzi) was added to a Muslim’s surname once he had performed the Hadj, to Mecca.
And Karachi being in the Muslim area of India ( now Pakistan) makes perfect sense. DOSSUL, whilst not a common Islamic name , is one of the many Different
Origin names in Pakistan…probably of Persian Origin.

Doc AV

Bob, nice box! Thanks for sharing.

Here is a letter heading from 1933. It was established in 1840.



Ron, please, can you post pictures of your box?

Two boxes of .280 Ross Rimless with similar retailer labels.
Different projectile weights.
Another plain box has the loading code ET / T / U whatever this date is?

I have other trade labels from Lyon & Lyon, R B Rodda , Ashoo Tosh Daw & co etc but
they should not be included here.

Excellent! Thank you very much.

Date is August 28, 1917.



Another Karachi overlabel on a scarce .45-125-300 Winchester box from 1914?
Maybe a special order for them. 300g lead, copper tubed express bullet.
Headstamp is : . ELEY . .45.EX.WIN.
I darkened the box top to try to enhance the feint calibre stamping. Ron.bE6wtE2kSQGCzgR4u8%20ADQ_thumb_50a XpSZNLigQNink6uV9nbB7w_thumb_50b

Bob, The two codes you included in your original post are most likely the reference or catalog numbers for the labels. Their format and content does not match either Eley or Kynoch box codes.

The Eley box codes look like that on the back of Ron3350s red box (ET/T/U). The Eley codes sometimes do not have the “/”.