Karcher or disc primed canne cartridges


I have what I believe are three disc primed or Karcher cartridges, as shown in the picture. The lack of headstamps would suggest they are not Karchers, yet the deep knurled cannelures just above the rims of the first two would suggest that they are Karchers. The first two cases are 7mm x 10.5mm and 10mm, respectively. I believe the third one is a flare; it is 45mm long, and has what appears to be a piece of dark brown paper folded over the mouth of the separate brass tube, the excess extending about 2mm down the tube and glued in place. I suspect the light knurl is intended to secure the tube in the 7.5mm x 9.5mm long case. Can anyone positively identify these?


Guy, if you want “positive identification” then you may need to invent a time machine. In the absence of such a device or suitable documentation, most people that have studied these type of Canne cartridges generally regard these “no hs” examples as being early (c1875) Karcher primed by Gevelot. Maybe not produced for Karcher, or before Karcher took his patent out (1875), hence the lack of hs.

The rh one is a flare. These came in two types:

Petard (Firework)
Gerbe (Blank).

Both have a long brass sabot inserted in the case containing a combination of chemicals giving a total length of 45.5mm.


Yes, typical KARCHER ammunition.




That’s positive enough for me. I’ll log them into the collection as early Karchers. Thank you both very much.