KBW 7m/m

I was making some images of this unfinished 7mm Mauser case and thought I’d post them. I assume it was made by Kathodian Bronze Works for somebody.

Does anyone know when and for who?

I assume there are loaded cases out in collections. Is this correct?


I think they were a test production early WWI. Possibly for Serbia?

I agree with jonny, this was WWI and probably for Serbia. It is likely the order was placed by the British Purchasing Commission.

The British .303 contract with Remington-UMC had a clause in the delivery schedule which allowed for 40 million 7mm cartridges for Serbia to be delivered in lieu of .303 in 1915. The Serbian rounds were the subject of a separate British contract dated February 1915 and seem to have had a fairly high priority.

Any connection between KBW and REM-UMC?

I don’t know of any loaded rounds from KBW this side of the pond.


I have compiled some interesting information about this short lived company:

During late 1915 the Kathodian Bronze Works purchased a plant at Nyack, NY which was formerly occupied by a textile finishing company named United Piece Dye Works. The ammunition making machinery was bought from East End Iron & Machine Co.

In September 1916 the company declared that an order was closed with the Russian government for supplying 160,000,000 cartridges. I have no further details about this but it was probably cancelled.

In October of same year the U.S Government placed an order for 10,000,000 rounds of “caliber .30 United Sates ball cartridges” at $40.33 per thousand. It was cancelled January 9, 1917.

In June 19, 1917 it was announced that the ammunition plant -with a capacity of 30,000,000 cartridges a year- was purchased by Maxim Munitions Corp.