KELSEY 10 bore Brass

Same box that had the 20mm also had a 10 ga brass case 2 5/8" with the head stamp; Kelsey, No. 10, Pat. APD FOR. The case seems to have a brass base wad/insert. Did a patent search and came up with nothing. Any info would be a big help.

It is not real clear in the pic of the interior of the case the brass ‘base insert’.

patent was granted March 3, 1885, according to a headstamp shown on one of Kelsy’s HS variations, all the others just say applied for, or a variation of that. Company was based in New Haven Connecticut.
One shell has just has the gauge [ 10 ] with no note about patent, and also exists in paper.
all this from Dick Iverson - The Shotshell in the United States.

This shotshell was made by Kelsey Cartridge Co. of New Haven, CT, a short lived company that was established in 1882 and in 1885 merged with West Haven Buckle Co. to form American Buckle and Cartridge Co. of West Haven, CT. This case construction was made under Dickerman’s patent of 1885 (applied in 1883), who at the date it was granted was superintendent of the Strong Fire Arms Co. of New Haven, CT.

Fede and Pete,
Thanks a bunch! Great info. Very much appreciated.