Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation

Can anyone tell me the headstamp used on 9mm Para ammunition produced at the Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation, at Eldoret, Kenya. they also make 7.62 x 51m/m Ball and Blank, and 5.56x45m/m ball and blank.

The reported H/S’s used by Kenya Ordnance Factory, on the 5.56x45mm are

KOF 98 5.56
KOF 99 5.56

and the notation that they are “probably” from So. Africa. No info on 9mm or 7.62x51.


Thank you.

I think you can ignore any admonition about them being "from South Africa."
FN set up the plant in Kenya, at the location cited, and the internet is full of controversy over it. It was set up in the 1990s, and evidently ammunition from that plant is stolen regularly in Kenya, and is in the hands of insurgents and common gangsters. Of course, when you google almost any ammunition source today, in depth, you find more than half of the information is from anti-gun sources, much of them “in the hire” of the vile United Nations.

I was betting to myself by the way, that the headstamp, if reported at all, would be “KOF” or “KOFC” and date and caliber. That is fast becoming the standard military headstamp style in most of the world. Some still omit the caliber on military ammunition, and just have the factory identifier, be it initials, a name or some numeric. alpha, or alphanumeric code, and the date, of course, but the trinomial headstamp is becoming ever-more popular, it seems.Thanks for the help.

You probably already have it but here is the Company’s website.
It doesn’t show any headstamps but it gives a pretty good breakdown of their ammo


thanks. You were right though, I have the KOFC on-line catalog in my files. anyone interested should go to it though. There is plenty on the internet about this company, but most of it is negative, not regarding their quality, which isn’t mentioned one way or another, but primarily about corruption, bad security, etc.

I have a long time from a doubtful source a few short range frangeble 7.62 x51 cartridges. In fact the bullet is a Canadian frangeble bullet, with the three wings on it, the second is the same with the wings cut of. They are sold to me as Brittisch exp. What realy interresting is, is the headstamp unknow to me till…“K O F 91” on 9, 12, 9 and 3 o’clock. There is a nickel primer with no crimp, no seal. My sours was Belgian, as John said the plant is setup FN, Could my cases come from a pr

Jan - All I can say is that their online catalog doesn’t show any frangible loads. It only shows the five loads that I mentioned - ball and blank in 7.62x51 and 5.45x45, and ball in 9mm. That doesn’t mean, of course, that they couldn’t have loaded any somewhere along the line, in which case they probably would have out-sourced the projectiles.

Still, Frangible ammunition doesn’t seem to fit in with what the factory does or who they seem to supply. Just an opinion, and one that could be totally wrong.

I don’t see the frangeble’s as an original load, I see just empty cases, but someone else (probably my sours) find it easyer to sell these loads as empty case’s or for having better profit’s. I came too this conclusion through close examination of the ctg, lack of seals no primer crimp, not a tight bullet crimp,
exotic bullet (yes the Canadian frangeble bullet is it for me). Take everything away and you have virgin brass, that’s uncommon on a factory military load. Anyway the headstamp stay and the Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation and your link to FN is a good explenation. Not sure it’s true but maybe it’s true.
Wishes, Jan

Jan - If you simply search the internet for either the location of the factory, Eldoret, Kenya, or the name of the factory, you will find more information about it than you ever wanted to know. There simply is not any question of the fact that the factory was set up by FN.

One article with a dateline of Brussels, Belgium, February 8, 2008, refers to the factory as “A Belgian ammunition factory located in the Kenyan community of Eldoret…”

Chapter two of an online paper by Holger Anders and Reinhilde Weidacher, “The Production of Ammunition for Small Arms and Light Weapons,” page 57: “These include the Belgian FN Herstal, which helped establish the Kenya Ordnance Factory at Eldoret in 1he 1990s.”

Amnesty International, “Undermining Global Security: The European arms exports, 7. Components for MIlitary and Security Systems, Belgium and Kenya”: In 1988, FN Herstal (Belgium) had signed a construction contract, worth 2.4 Billion Belgian Francs (Aprrox. US $80 Million), with the Kenyan Government to build an ammunition production factory, capable of producing 20 million rounds per year, at Eldoret in Kenya. However, construction was not completed until late 1995. Susequently, the Belgian Government provided export authorization for FN Herstal to supply ammunition production machinery for the Eldoret facility."

This is just a sampling. One can choose to believe it or not. I see no reason at all not to believe it.

This factory is covered from their own online catalog, thru lots of information about problems with the factory regarding illegal use of their ammunition in crimes, insurgency, etc. There are pages of sites listed that show this factory. I actually printed out a few for file, and then got quite tired of reading all of them to determine if I wanted to save them or not.

Please could you post a picture of the headstamp.