Kilgore tracer signals green into red-green

What can anyone tell us about:
“Signal Cartridges, Mark IV, Tracer Signals, green into red-green” dated 1944 with NORD Contract 4175

Sorry, no photo available. I only have the information from a wooden crate.

What size are the, what was used to launch them, military or commercial type???

‘am far from a flare expert, but Kilgore was the big shot manufacturer in the

I may be all wet assuming you are asking about 37 mm flares (1.5 “) …with Signal Cartridges, Mark IV, Tracer Signals, green into red-green” dated 1944 with NORD Contract 4175

theymaybe could be 1" flares as well (about as small a size as would be a functional multi burst/tracer

so maybe Ii am barking up the wrong tree…

As you see from my drawer (below) with some multi stripped cases, these “37 mm” flares can have one or two “stars” (bursts) as designated/indicated by the larger colored case stripe(s) (the color of the burst) and a trace (if so designated) by the thinner stripe at the top (thus the color of the trace)

On the “newer’ metallic rounds…the tracer is often indicated with a row of “T’s” around the case. (you can barely see that…but on the center alum round with the single white burst…the red “T’s” wrap around the case)

I really like collecting the striped paper cased rounds…and some of my favorites (pristine multi colors) are in the small shelf display with the launcher/pistol

“right side up” in drawer = live
"face down" = fired case

(as you might know, … the pistol can be fired into the air…or if in a appropriately fitted aircraft……the pistol was inserted in to a sidewall flare outlet…accepting the lugs on the muzzle of the pistol…so it could be fired from a pressurized plane)
Also a photo of a flare “kit” you could detach from the wall of the craft and take with (? downed plane/raft??)

ps bottom sticker dots…I placed them to tell me what the rounds were…red on primer was live…blue = fired…other dots indicated the “burst color” (for me)

Kilgore is still around, and is still in the military flare business. They were, at one time (and still may be) producing some frangible small arms ammunition. I fired some Kilgore .50 BMG ammunition at the 2008 SHOT Show (at the National Guard range out near Nellis AFB). I don’t know much more about them. Might be interesting if someone has first-hand information about what Kilgore is doing now in the ammunition area.