Kiln gun cartridges


1933 ARTICLE. #12 SHOT ? When did those massive solid slugs come in ?


Very interesting field for specialty ammunition. That picture shows multiple guns/shooters and a case of ammunition. Boom-boom all day…I had not heard of fine birdshot being used before, but I would suspect it has something to do with potential damage to the kiln lining. I think as this process evolved, kilns were designed to allow safe shooting of the offending rings that mess up production. Modern devices are large 8 ga. mounted guns with sound supressors and shoot a variety of loads including slugs and buckshot tailored to a variety of applications. I think projectile material is now mostly zinc as lead is an undesirable contaminant in many cases. Hundreds of rounds can be used daily to keep a kiln running efficiently.

This is an interesting document that sheds some light on the specific use of Industrial ammunition for cement manufacture. … _Kilns.pdf



The power plant up the road from me used Winchester 12ga Buckshot to clean the slag off of their boiler tubes until lead became a no no. Now most plants use teams of Blasters who wrap det cord around the offending tubes and blast the slag off.


My first job was working for the British Docks board. Mind numbingly boring but I can recall contractors with “Guns” de claging the ships boilers during turnarounds. With the boilers still hot they would blast off the worst of the lumps before the ships had reloaded and were back off to sea.

It was as far as I could see a routine process that occoured at every turnaround.


DET-CHORD ?!?!?!?!? Sweeeeeeet!

But seriously, there is a thread about these in the discussion board history. Since I’m incapable, apparently, of finding ANYTHING in the history, maybe someone else will give it a go. It was from a couple of years ago, if that narrows it down. Lotsa help, huh?


Ammunition collecting and study , like intelligence gathering . has no size , shape or rules. I am interested in all of it from pinfires to atomic bombs. These kiln guns 8ga shells are always eye grabbers at shows and I am certain that there are many types which we don’t see regularly. The article showing the use of regular shot was a surprise to me and apparently to others as well. I don’t know how to access that previous thread either but would like to know.


The search function works for the “old” Forum just as it does for the current version. Searching for “kiln” worked well in this case. (Find the oddest word to work with!).

Here is an old thread on the subject: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4372

Here is the Remington info on their version: … ystem.aspx



Thanks Dave. I was using 8 Ga.


Thanks for the link. Good info there. Other countries ? Lots of people make cement and must have the same problems.


My father retired fom a company that used shotguns with lead slugs to blast away the slag from the interior of their rotary kilns. For decades, the company used a tripod-mounted 8-gauge industrial shotgun. They eventually moved to using 12-gauge slugs to save money, using the cheapest single-shot shotguns they could get–the guns are used until the barrels melt too far back!


Fiocchi lists the 8 Gauge Klin in their catalogs.
Also Eurocomm ( an italian ammo factory) offer this cartridge but they use Fiocchi cases with their own load

Fiocchi cases has a plastic red body and a “stepped” brass washed iron head

When I visited an italian gunsmith I remember some 8 ga green paper hulls near a machine in his shop. He said they were for “industrial use” , but I didn’t investigate about their origin or their headstamp . For sure they were not KLIN cartridges, but they were to be used in some other industrial tool