Kinetic Ammunition (plastic cased)

I noticed a post on Facebook by someone who was sharing a link to an Indiegogo (crowdfunding) link for a company called Kinetic Munitions:

Kinetic is another in the long line of manufacturers who is doing the whole polymer cased thing, but they are claiming a pretty high level of initial R&D, have a bunch of prototypes, and are near to forging ahead with production. Key features are the obvious weight reduction, but they say you can also reload by hand, and that their polymer is superior to all those before them in this type of application, which is plausible. On the crowdfunding link they offer incentives such as donating $100 gets you a gift card to their website for $110 (so a 10% coupon basically), but you also get your choice of a hat or shirt for free. Since I know I will inevitably wind up spending $100 at their site as this ammo is very much in my wheelhouse, the “donation” (pre-payment) was a no-brainer.

They are not online with retail access to their ammo yet at their site or anywhere else, but by donating, you also get exclusive access to their ammo from their website in February, before they sell or distribute to anyone else - so I also liked the sound of that to possibly get cartridges before SLICS. Calibers available will be 9mm, .38spl, .40S&W, and .45acp. They say they need to get to $225,000 to meet their equipment needs goal, and that once they have that, they will have their equipment shortly thereafter to begin large-scale production and satisfy the pre-orders which they will allow in February. So a March or April delivery is possible. If they do not meet their goal, then they say all donations will be refunded (it’s basically via paypal). I have a sneaking suspicion that they have the equipment anyway, or else will be getting it no matter what, and that the crowdfunding it just to shore up a good heap of initial pre-orders, which is what most all the donations are basically. Either way, the discount and free shirt are worth it.

Their website is here:

A Youtube video summarizing their ammo:

Their ammo lines are referred to as the “Aero” - their basic loading; a solid copper bullet with a rebated base mounted in a plastic sabot. The “Aero+” is what they call “blazened copper” and is similar. The “Helix” interests me the most, and is the same idea, but with a custom Solid Copper Hollow Point. Their Aero+ in 9mm is listed as being a 85gr bullet moving at 1475fps @ 10 yards.

I have to add:

Kinetic has only been on Facebook for exactly one year, but they already have 21,000+ likes. That is on average, around 3 to 4 times as many likes as such well-established brands as: Double Tap, Atomic, Buffalo Bore, Corbon, Polycase, Liberty, and many others. They have around 20,000 more likes than Magtech, and 18,000 more than Sellier & Bellot.

They are making some serious noise, and I hadn’t even heard of them until today. This year’s SHOT show hasn’t even happened yet for them, so this should be interesting.

They are nice looking cartridges. It’s too bad Kinetic isn’t coming out with a .22LR

It is sort of a throwback to the USAC polymer cased .38 Special from the mid-1980s. Those also used a proprietary heel-seat projectiles.