King's Norton Metals Co. 22 Short Headstamp

I picked this King’s Norton 22 short up at SLICS. It has the KN headstamp in a recessed circle. Unlike other KN impressed circle headstamps I have seen it has a raised portion in the center of the depression. Was this intended or just a manufacturing defect? It intended what was the purpose?
KN in impression raised center
KN Headstamp with raised center.

KN in impression HS
Standard KN headstamp in recessed circle.


Hi Paul.

That was intentional. I don’t know why they did this, but they did. It is also known with the long rifle bullet, known as the short long rifle for target shooting before WWI.


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Thanks for the reply.


Can you show the side view? I am not familiar with this calibre.

Greetings Vlad,

Here is the 22 short with the KN headstamp.

I’m sure the one you wanted a picture of was the 22 short case with a long rifle bullet. Unfortunately I don’t have that one with the KN headstamp. I do have an Eley short with the LR bullet.

Eley 22 short w LR blt

I also have version made by RWS and Thun.


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The .22 Short Long Rifle was just the .22 Long Rifle bullet seated in the .22 Short case. It’s my understanding that they were only produced in the UK in the early days of competitive smallbore rifle matches, from about 1900 to pre-1914. Was KN the only firm that loaded them?

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Thanks, the raised portion looked like a primer to me.


Here is the RWS short with LR Bullet.

22 short with LR blt RWS hs
and Thun with raised Headstamp

thun 22 short with LR Blt hs



Hi rimfire,never saw any of these.
So there are 4 different makers known…
Can you confirm these were most pre W W 2 ?
Seems all also are copper cased,can you confirm ?



Yes they are all copper cases. Based on the headstamps the Eley and King’s Norton would be pre-WW2. I can not say for sure when the Thun and RWS examples were made. I have heard them referred to as “KURZ FUR BUCHSEN”.