Kings Powder Co. black powder production

Any thoughts as to when Kings Powder Company (Peters) ceased production and sales of Kings Black Powder?


I am jit swearing to the complete accurcy of this, but here goes…

THE KING POWDER COMPANY, CINCINNATI, OHIO [ King Powders printed on a crown], from the estate of Bill Collins collection…
Joseph Warren King, born in Suffield, Ct., 1814, August 30, entered the powder business in 1850 joining brothers Alvin and Lorenzo Austin, forming Austin and King Powder Company, with a new mill near Xenia, OH.
By 1855 the Austin brothers had left the company. In 1855, on or about May 26, King, with four others incorporated the Miami Powder Company, thus expanding its production of black powder.
By 1872, Addison Fay and other of investors had aken control of the company. Joseph King sold his interests in Miami Powder Company. In 1877, he along with Ahimaaz King [his nephew] started the Great Western Powder Company, incorporated in 1878.
The Great Western Powder Company built a mill on the Little Miami River, 30 miles south of Xenia, near South Lebanon. After the death of King in 1885, his son-in-law G. M. Peters became president, and by 1889 the company changed its’ name The King Powder Company. That was when the town of King’s Mills, Oh., was built by the company to house workers. In 1887 G. M. Peters invented a machine to automatically load shotgun shells, and the Peters Cartridge Company, under ownership of the King Powder Company, was formed on the opposite side of the Little Miami River.
A series of explosions nearly stopped the company’s production, but they prospered and built a second mill in Greenup County, Ky.
King Powder sold the Peters Cartridge Company to Remington Arms in 1934, where Remington continued to produce ammunition at King’s Mills until 1944.
The King Powder Company continued to operate out of King’s Mills producing blasting powder. but went out of business in 1958.
Many of the King Powder Company buildings burned to the ground after the company closed, supposedly due to the explosive residue. Remaining assets were sold off by 1962.
King’s Mills became the home of the Kings Island amusement park, on the banks of the Little Miami River, near the remains of the King Powder Company.
Fir more information there is a book by Arthur Pine Van Gelder and Hugo Schlatter, titled “History of the Explosives Industry in America”, published in 1927.


Thanks for the information. I was not aware King was producing blasting powder as late as 1958. The way I understand it King stopped production of Semi-Smokeless around 1938 shortly after DuPont acquired Remington/Peters. I always assumed the sale of rifle/piston grade black powder ended around the same time since DuPont was a major producer of it.


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Paul, you are most welcome for my small amount of knowledge, and again, it may not be complete, and the dates could also be off.
If anyone has further info to add, or correct mine, it would be appreciated.