Knall-Geschloss 15mm


I got a bag of these “Pyro Knallpatrone” P at a show without a gun (or a launcher). The seller said it was a military signal pistol. True or not? What actually fires this? I am dubious about military application because it appears it is launched by a 6mm Flobert, which makes loading cumbersome. So, any truth to the above?


I may not really understand what in particular you mean but there are 15mm signalling devices with cartridges with a thread and as you say a 6mm Flobert blank as a primer.
Such devices are in use by the British and the Russians and certianly some others.


Alex, my questions are:

  1. Is this a military item?
  2. Is it launched by a military gun or a plastic tube launcher?
  3. Any photos of the launching device? I tried a couple of German sites, and got lost without seeing the gun.


aaaah, now I got it. These are for blank firing pistols/revolvers on sale here in Germany. One can buy these at age of 18 or older but to carry them you need a special licence.

Your items here are meant for small muzzle attached launching cups of 15mm caliber. They get stuffed in there and a regular balnk cartridge is loaded into the gun (and of the calibers available for these weapons like your 6mm Flobert, 8mm PA, 9mm PA, 9mm revolver and .45 revolver and maybe even some others). Then you just fire them into the sky and observe the effect. Your’s here seems to be a “bang” type (mainly used as scare crow cartridges) which again in Germany needs another licence (yes the Germans love useless regulations). The majority on sale of these 15mm is stars and all type of visual pyrotechnics.

Here the launcher cup (thread is standardized for these type of weapons): … n_0740.jpg

The weapons themselfes are mainly visual copies of original pistols/revolvers but there are also some “home grown” models.

These are definately not for any military pistols.


Here is a pic.

6mm rimfire is top right - the other is a 8mm