Knall-zündhütchen ohne rand

What were these little caps used for?

The Knall word says it all…Caps for blank-fire (Starter) Pistols.

Some early Starter Pistols or “signal/Alarm” guns used simply a strong primer cap to create a loud noise.

The “Knall” description has also gone onto full cartridge Blanks used in a similar fashion. ( as made by RWS, for both revolvers and semi-auto models ( 9x17R/.380, and 8mm Pistol.) The Latest is the 9x22 PAK, ( available from Fiocchi and S&B) which is used in the latest series of “Pot metal” Replicas of Modern Autos…A 9x22 case, with a full Plastic Insert holding the blank charge.

The 9x22 case is based on the .380 ACP case, ( .378" body) so that true 9x19Para CANNOT be chambered in these replicas.

Also, the Replicas (from Italian and German makers) are available in two versions…“Top discharge” ( through the top of the barrel and slide, Muzzle blocked) and “End discharge” ( through the Muzzle, for Film and Theatre use.) IN Most European countries, they are considered “non-guns”, but in Britain they are commonly converted to Ball-firing, with disastrous results for the shooter.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

Good afternoon gents,

Were those tiny rounds for sale a while back when you asked about them? My father collects miniatures and would love to have that ammunition to go with his collection. His birthday is coming up next month… can I make you an offer ?