Knall-zündhütchen ohne rand


What were these little caps used for?


The Knall word says it all…Caps for blank-fire (Starter) Pistols.

Some early Starter Pistols or “signal/Alarm” guns used simply a strong primer cap to create a loud noise.

The “Knall” description has also gone onto full cartridge Blanks used in a similar fashion. ( as made by RWS, for both revolvers and semi-auto models ( 9x17R/.380, and 8mm Pistol.) The Latest is the 9x22 PAK, ( available from Fiocchi and S&B) which is used in the latest series of “Pot metal” Replicas of Modern Autos…A 9x22 case, with a full Plastic Insert holding the blank charge.

The 9x22 case is based on the .380 ACP case, ( .378" body) so that true 9x19Para CANNOT be chambered in these replicas.

Also, the Replicas (from Italian and German makers) are available in two versions…“Top discharge” ( through the top of the barrel and slide, Muzzle blocked) and “End discharge” ( through the Muzzle, for Film and Theatre use.) IN Most European countries, they are considered “non-guns”, but in Britain they are commonly converted to Ball-firing, with disastrous results for the shooter.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.