Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot (and a huge gun show)

This October will be the LAST shoot, don’t know why, but I hope to be there, there is a lot of ammo there too, the ammo shows for the rest of 2021 are too far away for me. And I want to see the night shoot with tracers one last time!!! Bird's eye view of world famous Knob Creek night shoot - YouTube

Just to be curious: why its the LAST time done?

I was often with Bill W. and a chinese friend of him (owner of a huge farm and lots of machineguns) out in the TUCSON fields, for Machinegun shooting. We fired on small planes and on oil-barrels (Empty and filled with sand)…The local sherif cames sometimes, to inspect that no-one hits a cactus or fired too high…
was fun…


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Peter - did you really mean you “fired on small planes” or perhaps was that supposed to be another word, “plants,” perhaps??? :open_mouth: :grinning:

John Moss

I suppose Peter refers to non-airworthy old planes on the ground, not flying planes.

There is a huge obsolescent aircraft storage yard outside of Tucson, but I can’t imagine them being allow to shoot machine guns at anything at that storage facility! I have been to that yard twice, many years ago, and it was attended and well supervised, and just cluttered enough I can’t see any safe way you could use MGs there.

Of course, maybe there is some other “small aircraft graveyard” down there. Truthfully, I didn’t think of that. I have never seen one, but then I am a long way from seeing everything of Interest in Tucson. I usually have not had time for much sight-seeing when there.

John Moss

Most likely he does not as the guys there use to shoot at remote controlled target planes (those available in toy shops).

Something the US military is doing too just that the RC modles they use are like 2-3 yards in size.

John, it where small radio controlled planes, which one of the attendants let fly…it was forbidden to fire over a certain elevation limit and only if they where flying with the big hills behind them…I think, they where 3 yards in size…
I fired with AK47, Tommy Gun, Mg 81, and an other german mg rebarreled and changed to fire 6,5 Dutch, as the ammo was so dirt cheap. That chinese guy had tons of that ammo…
Yes, it was fun…
And yes, i also Visited the Pima Air Museum…if I remember the name correctly.

PS…no one has hit the plane…lousy shooters, or a good flight operator

i see video with this RC plane and in reality is very difficult to hit these

in movies look easy to shoot a very mobile plane but in reality not the same thing !!!

I hope someone who lives near Fort Knox in Kentucky will tell us the reason it is the last shoot and if the gun show is also the last time. The club is obviously staying.
My own photos on the way back from SLICS in 2009.



The RPG-7 with the red warhead on is a ruthless attempt to cut money out of ignorant people!


In regard to this being the last show, the explanation that I was given by a frequent attendee is that the folks responsible are getting old, and decided that it was time. Too much work. There may be more details, but it did not sound like there were any other underlying or hidden reasons.



This the explanation that is given by a lot of organizations. My American Legion Post has had to cancel many activities that in the past had many volunteers help out so the work is spread evenly. The young Vets claim that they are too busy or have other stuff planned. So things like fish fries, steak BBQ’s, chicken feeds have gone by the wayside. Too bad!!!

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