Kodak Beano!

I an posting thias simply for information purposes.
just got an email from IMA, (yea, I know…), and they have a Kodak Beano T13, for only $2,895!

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What a bargain! Are they selling brain too?


IMA gets cool stuff but damn are they way overpriced. Funny thing is I got the same email and by the time the email went out, it had already sold, for about 3 times more than it should have.


Sometimes… I bought a copy of Skinnertons 50 page book on Snider-Enfields from IMA 2 weeks ago for $10, (plus $7.85 for Priotity mail when they could have sent it First Class for half the price and gotten it to me in the same amount of time!)

Grenades keep going up in price, especially good quality/high demand items like the Beano and this one does look nice. Hard to say overpriced when it sells and there are no others available for less. Pawn Stars kind of set the bar on these 5-6 years ago when they identified one as being worth $1600. Right or wrong it gave people a baseline. Seeing that they haven’t made any more, the price hasn’t really dipped below that since that show. More than I’m willing to spend, but I’ve already got mine so it’s easy for me to say.