KOLIBRI shotshells?

Has someone any info about KOLIBRI shotshells or trademark?

Was not it a Mexican brand? I thought I saw it at a show.


Do you mean “Colibri” as made by Aguila? They have a line of short (1-3/4") shotshells. Made in Mexico and likely what sksvlad saw at a show.


I refer to very cheap (old?) shotguns made in Europe for fowling and their cartridges too

These ones are CF and different than the italian 8 mm CF

You can see some samples in the picture

5 & 6 have a 7.5 mm inside diameter , but are larger than the 8 mm CF ( # 3 & 4)

#8 & 9 have a 11 mm outside diameter .#8 has a 8.5 mm inside diam. while #9 looks like having been necked down and its inside diam. measures 6.5 mm

I have seen the box of #5 . No maker but there was “Kolibri 7.5 mm” marked on it

I doubt he is talking about this, but I have heard of a 2mm, 2.7mm, and 3mm shotshells that would fit in these Kolibris and similar…

btw, if anyone has a 2mm rimfire shotshell I am interested in it…

I had the chance to handle one of those on Saturday. Beautifully made little pistol.

Hi Pivi, you forgot to put the picture

Ops,you are right

( 8 mm CF are 44 - 45 mm long for scale)

Please Pivi,
give rim, base and neck diameter (and hstp if possible) of the ones you want to know.

(Inside diameter is the only dimension which is useless for shotshells)

#5 :

rim: 11.94 mm
base : 10.41 mm
neck : 9.68 mm
rim thickness: 1.83 mm

no hds , brass washed aluminium case , primed with a blank 6 mm Flobert cap .Note : given as “7.5 mm Kolibri”

6 :

rim : 11.68 mm
base : 9.72 mm
neck : 9.64 mm
rim thickness: 1.03 mm

no hds , brass with large primer pocket ( inside diam 7.45 mm )

8 :

rim : 12.96 mm
base : 11.00 mm
neck : 10.87 mm
rim thickness: 1.65 mm

no hds , lathe turned steel , standard 5.45 mm shotshell primer

9 :

rim : 13.46 mm
base : 10.95 mm
neck : 9.41 mm
rim thickness: 1.53 mm

no hds , lathe turned steel , standard 5.45 mm shotshell primer

IMHO #5 & 6 could be earlier version of the 8 mm CF , before the standardization of this cartridge

The only one which fits with something known is the N°9 which has the rim, rim thickness and base of a 12 mm.

the others have dimensions too different of 8, 9, 11, 13 mm or 360.

Are you sure at least that all of these are shotshells ?

Italians are the kings for hand made ctges because very often they don’t find the original ammunition (no license or shortage of ammo).
Living not far from the border, I can tell you it is not uncommon to see some guys coming to the shooting range (or to the gun shows) with some lathe turned ctges in their hand and asking for original ammo.

Sorry not to have help you


I am sure about #5 , 8 and 9 ,because I have seen them as loaded ammo too . I have seen also the shotgun chambered for the #5, a very small smooth barreled gun

They could also been homemade shotshells for some converted military rifle.Such conversions ( Steyr M95 to 32 gauge , Carcano to 36 gauge , Vetterli to 36 Gauge) are fairly common in Italy, and that could explain the strange inside diameters of such cases and different rim thickness , to fit the original bolt.
A lot of military rifles were converted to shotshells cartridge since after WWII there were plenty of hidden rifles around ,and they were free … My neighbour has a Steyr M95 converted to 32 Gauge

#7 has the same case dimensions of the 9 mm Flobert shotshell , but made from lathe turned brass and it is CF .Probably an attempt for having a “reloadable Flobert”

#1 was made to fit 303 British chambers .It has the same case dimensions of the british cartridge ,but was loaded with shot