Komodo Armament Indonesia


“KOMODO ARMAMENT Produces also NATO Caliber ammunitions from 9×19 mm pistol cartridges to the high power 12.7×99 mm sniper and linked machine gun rounds.”

Homepage: http://komodoarmament.com/
Catalog: http://komodoarmament.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Catalog-Armament-Komodo-2017.pdf

The catalog shows ammo with headstamp KMD and some boxes.
All new to me and maybe of interest here.


That’s news to me, and interesting that it is all in English, suggesting possible export. I assume they are after military contracts, but any of their ball ammo looks civilian-legal anyway.


Please note that the illustrations are only designed digital drawings, not photos of real cartridges.


Correct, many of the manufacturers will put out print / website material with digital renderings, and are usually accurate in terms of headstamp except for relative scale sometimes. I recall PPU doing this with some .300BLK headstamp images for the year leading up to when they finally released the real cartridges some months ago.


Indonesian cartridges are among the hardest to get in the USA, anyway.
And, they don’t seem to answer any individual questions from abroad.

I have looked for a Pindad 9 x 18 mm Makarov cartridge for years, and
have never found one. Attempts to even get an empty box from Pindad
for photo purposes went unanswered.

Aside from individual rounds here and there over the years, in pistol ammo
anyway, I only recall one large importation. Cabelas, thru their Herters Brand
(prior to having their HRTRS headstamp, imported some .380 auto that had
the original Pindad headstamp on them, with the boxes marked made in Indonesia.
I got a box of this very quickly gone import, thanks to Vlad as I recall, but had
hopes that it signaled the beginning of Indonesian ammo on the US Market. It
didn’t happen.

John M.