Kopp tpz?


Has anyone determined the meaning of the “KOPP TPZ” headstamp marking found on 7.62x39mm and other calibers? I recall that the “TPZ” refers to the Tulskiy Patronny Zavod or Tula Cartridge Works, but what about the “KOPP” and why were these cartridges made in Russia, but have “Made in the Czech Republic” on the boxes?



As for the meaning of the “KOPP” I can ot say but the Chzechs ordered the cartridges in Russia (why work yourself when you can have it done cheaper elsewhere?).


Thed KOPP company in Czech Republic is a private society founded with some Rusian assets, and has the speciality to import cartridges components from Tula Cartridge Works in Russia to mount, load and market them in the West. The system is probably profitable on the financial side as it gets rid of lots of paperwork.