Korean Navy .30-06?


Does the anchor on top of the Korean side of the box indicate it is for the Navy or it is just a general armed forces sign?


I think that is a general Korean Armed Forces symbol. Note the wings in the symbol, probably representing the Air Force. I say that because I had a Korean M16 bayonet that had a similar insignia either on the bayonet or the scabbard, I forget which, and I have seen that symbol I believe on Korean American-style bandoleers. In may countries, they don’t differentiate between services as much as we do. In Communist China, the People’s Liberation Army includes in that title the Navy and the Air Force, all part of the PLA.

John Moss


I have the same box, different lot number, with the same marking. Oddly enough, the .50 caliber sized ammo can these came in does not have the same marking on it. I would think that if this was special Navy issue ammo, the same marking would also be on the outer packaging. Also, the can itself has no markings on it to indicate manufacturer like US made cans do.