Krag Date?

Can someone please tell me the date on this Frankford Arsenal .30-40 Krag round?

Hi Jonny, the date is August 1898 (F 9 98). This mistake is typical of early FA .30-40 cartridges.

Fede - what is the mistake? I would have thought this round was a month later, September 1898 (9th month). Questions are sincere - I don’t know much about the Krag headstamps and while I no longer own a Krag, regretably, I have had as many as six of them at one time, including the rare 1892 (unaltered) and 1892/96 rifles. I like them very much and I would like to learn more about these headstamps, even though I don’t collect them.

John, sorry, I meant to say September (9th month). The mistake of these early FA headstamps is that many of them are very off-centered and is quite common to find broken numbers or even a broken “F” letter. The full correct headstamp should be “F 9 98” and not just “F 9 8”.

So there was a “9” on the bunter between the “8” and the primer?

Yes, Jon…

Looking closely, you can see the loop of the right side of the nine between the primer and the eight, as Fede stated, this occurs frequently on F A made Krag cartridges. And, it cannot be any other year, as 98 is the only year which contains the number eight on this style of Frankford headstamp.


Jon’s luckier with this one than I am with one of mine–mine has a headstamp of F 7 9, indicating the last digit of the year is missing. It can’t be 99, because it has the early type bullet. Jack