Kragujevac 86

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone could help me identify this bullet. It says in Cyrillic Kragujeva and what looks like a C (Kragujevac is a city in Serbia) and a date of 1898. Anyone know what bullet it is and if it actually says Kragujevac?


Hello AutoHacker and welcome to this Forum.
Without a side view and without dimensions (case, total lenght, rim diameter) it becomes guessing… But a 10.15 x 63R Serbian Mauser could be possible. And yes, made in Serbia, Royal Serbian Arsenal at Kragujevac, 1886 (not 1898).

Hi, great find !
duqjans told you more or less everything about bullet.
This is 100% a bullet for the serbian version of the mauser.This hs is rarest of the three different .
Could you tell me where you got it …you can reply to me in private messages .
I am curious because there are very few left .

Thanks for the info!
I found it while looking though a shed along with some other bullets.
Here’s a side picture

Shed, barn or cockloft… very nice find indeed!

Yes, Mauser’s firstdeviation from the 11mm M71 cartridge.
Built specifically for Serbia, it was a 10 mmx63R case: ( civilian denomination: “10,15” equals Bullet Diameter, not Military Calibre.).
Reason there are not many cartridges or rifles around is because most of the rifles were converted to 7x57 in 1899 and 1908, and stocks of cartridges were used to extinction in various
Balkan Wars and WWI.
BTW, Kragujevac is pronounced
“Kragujevats” in Serbo-Croatian. BEING a
Slavic Cyrillic Script, “C” is pronounced “TS”.

Doc AV