Kramer Defense 6.8 x 45 UCC



Interesting! In looking at the website ballistics data, it appears slightly better than the .300 Blackout, and seems like it wants to perform somewhere in between the 6.5 Grendel and the .300 Blackout.


Ah yes, the .27 Diet SPC. ;)

Their website is going to give me an aneurysm.

There’s a bizarre disease going around where amateur ballisticians become convinced that 7.62x39mm is the most potent, effective round there is and try various ways of copying it. The result is always something disappointing and not terribly useful, I note.


Here are some photos of the box & headstamp. The “Ultimate Combat Cartridge” (UCC) they call it.



Matt, thanks for the pictures.

About 10 years ago they also introduced a short 7.62 mm cartridge designated “7.62 mm SC” (Super Carbine), but seems to have been discarded when they offered the 6.8x45. I can no longer find it on the web.

Here is a picture of the box:


I wonder if that was an experimental only sort of thing which they brought to SHOT show or whatever, but then quickly abandoned it as the rising tide of .300 Blackout became quickly apparent. Or maybe they noticed Remington’s .30 AR coming out around that same time which might have been very close to their 7.62 SC and then decided not to run with it. In any case - probably a wise decision that they didn’t invest too much in that one.


The article here suggests that the 6.8x45 came out in early 2008, and Larry Kramer must have been working on the load as a wildcat in at least 2007?

I am under the impression though that the headstamped cases are a much more recent development? This makes me wonder that if the 6.8 was a follow-up to the shelved 7.62 SC, then the SC was pre-2007? I also find zero online about the 7.62 SC, which seems odd (that nobody ever recorded anything about it).