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Hey guys and gals,

I’m new here but have gotten into the KTW collecting pretty hard this past year. I have a question about some rounds I believe to be rare KTW’s which I managed to stumble upon. I believe them to be made of Kennertium W-10. Do you folks know anyway to confirm this? They are magnetic but not nearly as much as the Steel KTW 357. I will upload a picture as soon as they arrive. In the mean time here is a picture of my current collection.


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You may check some of the older threads here. There should be lots of info:


Thanks EOD, i have read most of the discussions in the archive relating to KTW, but have been unable to come up with a definitive answer to be able to id them. The 6 round box that they are in lists the projectile as 100 grains and has the patent numbers printed on them. 9mm Lugar



Here is the old thread with more extensive info on the 9mm Kennertium projectile rds:

That link probably doesn’t show up in the current site search because it is in the old archived version of the forum from back when. There are some photos if you scroll down through. You can sort of tell by the older darker green Teflon, as opposed to the newer lighter green nylon coating which N.A.O. used on the later solid brass bullets which are much more common. I think the Kennertium projectiles in 9mm are relatively very rare to find, and by some reports exhibit a strong attraction to a magnet. Any of the brown MTM wallets with silver sticker label will be the newer solid brass projectiles with lighter / brighter green nylon coating. N.A.O. began using Nylon due to Dupont restricting their Teflon sales after the whole dust-up in the press from NBC’s nonsensical “expose” in 1983.


Thank you very much for the information DK. I have read that the kennertium projectiles could exibit a week attraction or strong depending on the mix of the alloy. These are the dark green ones and they have a diffrent ogive than the newer ones made by NAO. The box they are in has the patent numbers print it on as well as listing the rounds as 100 grains.




Any chance of a picture of the box and cartridge?




Hey Brian,

They are currently on a brown Boxtruck Santa express, but as soon as they arrive I will post pictures of the box and cartridges.



DK, in the post you listed, these would be the ones on the left in the second picture of the thread.




99.5 grains



Thanks for posting the box & cartridge pictures and the weight information.



"I also met Paul Kopsch. I was a 1st Lt stationed in Dayton Ohio and attended the OGCA shows in Columbus. At one of my early shows (late 1967 probably or perhaps early 1968) there was a table near the entrance with a series of metal plates (probalby 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick) welded about 2 inches apart to metal rods so that the whole set was about 3 or 4 ft long. A KTW bullet had been fired into the plates and had penetrated most of them with the bullet still stuck in a plate. The table was covered…"

I well remember KTW being at the OGCA shows at Columbus back around that time, and also seeing the metal plates which had been penetrated by KTW bullets. I specifically remember seeing on their table quite a thick steel plate, 1/2" or maybe even thicker, penetrated by a KTW bullet loaded in .35 Remington and fired from a rifle, but I don’t believe KTW ever loaded them for sale in .35 Rem. I had some KTW ephemera and a couple of letters from Paul Kopsch at one time, but after 40 years I have no idea where they are now. I believe only the earlier KTW bullet designs used Kennertium, which was later dropped, and I think they went to brass or bronze later. They also dropped the Teflon coating, which was purely decorative anyway. But I have no idea what the timeline was. . .


they are steel.




what was typical MV for a 100grn KTW bullet out of a contemporary 9mm pistol, like say SW 39?


Average velocity at 21ft (6.4 meters) from the muzzle is listed as 1,356 fps (413.3 meters per second) when fired from a S&W M39 in 9x19mm.



I will chronograph one out of a CZ75BD hopefully this weekend and share the information.