Kurz battlepack

I would buy this in a heartbeat at this price here in the US -

Has anyone here obtained a form 6 and imported collector ammo into the US from Europe?

Importation of small ammunition into the United States is regulated by the ATF under 27CFR178.115 and 120. Authorization for importation is obtained through an approved importation permit (Form 6 Part I ATF F 5330.3A or From 6 NIA/ATF F 5330.3D atf.treas.gov/forms/5000.htm#firearms).

Here is the battle pack in question - it would look so good in my collection - http://www.egun.de/market/item.php?id=5167908

Certainly the 4-6 months required for the form 6 would negate the auction - but, just posing the question for some insight, really.

Nice item!

960 Euros = $1200 U.S., plus shipping, plus an import license or pay someone with a license to do it for you.

Has anyone here (on the forum, not a friend, acquaintance, internet buddy) imported collectable ammo on a form 6?

Or, used a licensed importer for this kind of small amount? (thanks bdgreen)

I would pay the current auction price on this Kurz in a heartbeat, plus another $300-$400 for fees :)

Trouble is shipping. I have never figured out how to import ammo except to carry it in my checked luggage when I fly back from Europe and that amount is limited to 5kg per person.

If anyone knows how to have small quantities of ammo shipped from Europe to the US, please post the answer.

The form 6 is easy and there is no fee.


Thanks, Lew -

You have imported small amounts of collectable ammunition into the US from Europe in the past?

Theoretically we could split the battle pack contents between two persons and a with a form 6 do this relatively simply -
I am not sure how it would work at the German end, and whether collecting in person is an option - I know many European countries require a permit to purchase ammunition, as I would be on their soil, this would now be a factor.

From the British Airways site:
There is a limit of 5kg (11lb) of ammunition (cartridges for weapons, small arms) per person from the IATA Division 1.4S category (UN numbers 0012 and 0014) only. It should be for that person’s own use only and excludes ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles. Allowances for more than one passenger must not be combined in baggage.

If you are planning to make a booking on ba.com that includes a flight operated by an airline other than British Airways, please contact us before booking to check that the other airline is able to carry your firearm. You will not be able to take any firearms, including sporting rifles, on flights operated by Comair.

Each case containing firearms or ammunition is subject to a £50 charge at check-in each way to cover the cost of our specialist firearms and ammunition handling partner.

ist not only a Problem, of buying it…because the buyer Needs a GERMAN license. The secand prob is, that even after you find a Person willing to buy it for you in Germany (or takes it in Possession after you paid the goods to the seller) there is still the Problem to get an export-license and to find a shipper…

The only way is usually, you have to find a german buyer with a license, which is also a member of the cartridge collectors community and can bring the ammo in question, to one of the german or international Meetings inside Europe (and only Schengen countries!!) where he can release that goods to you or a willing member from the US. Because this visitors gets usually for the Meeting an open license to bring in AND out ammo back to their countries (mostly limited by the number of ammo), where they come from…
But be careful, as this - for example german license- is only valid inside Germany…means you cannot attend the german Show and maybe fly back from Holland or Switzerland or so…The same is with a dutch license…this will be only good for Holland and so further…The whole thing is managable, but needs a little coordinated doings…

and furthermore, never say the Airlines on checkin your cartridges are good for War or “killing” People…what they sometimes ask…IATA rules are only good for SPORTING or HUNTING ammo…so the answer is allways, no my ammo is only for sports or for hunting!! BUT PLEASE DECLARE AMMO and do not try, to smuggle it!! and also have proper documents at Hand, which entitles you to have this type of ammo legally in your possessions.
In Germany NO TRACERS, no AP, no Incendiarys, no explosive bullets a.s.o… thats different from Holland, where at least till 8mm you can have with their license all kinds of ammo

Please inform you very well, before doing such things…and ask People in the US how they have got their ammo into US before…

Sorry for many typos, but I am in hurry

The collectible thing there is the carton box with label, and perhaps a few of the individual boxes. I would try to purchase just the box, and a handful of empty boxes from the carton, and then just purchase those to have shipped over. For the cartridges, it would be easier for someone to bring over 50 or less via air travel to fill out a few boxes.

I have done this before with sellers when they are listing an item where the box is rare & desirable, but the cartridges are fairly common, where I make an offer to buy the box for a certain price and suggest that they keep the cartridges and sell them, which can sometimes allow the seller to make more money, especially with some bidders actually bidding on the item for shooting-ammo, absurd as that seems.

Forensic described it well. The best approach is to attend the ECRA German meetings in 2015 or the Dutch meeting in 2016, AND have a collector friend take possession of the ammo (after you figure out how to pay for it). You will need to leave much of it in Europe. Recently from the Swiss show where I obtained three very nice DWM 50rd 9 Para boxes, I had to leave 25-30 rounds in each box to make my weight limit. That wasn’t really a problem, just a fact of life. In the past I have bought 50 rd boxes of excellent cartridges and leave most of the cartridges in Europe-usually giving them away to friends.

There are a lot of other benefits in attending the European meetings. Lots of great collectors, things you will probably never see in the US and an opportunity to meet other very knowledgeable collectors of 7.92x33.

I would not recommend you try to ask another US collector to bring them back for you. Most will already be dumping or leaving stuff of their own to meet the weight limits. In addition, the cartridges have to be listed on the Form 6 by caliber, load type and manufacturer. If it isn’t on the Form 6 you can’t bring it back.

There is nothing simple about this hobby.


Thank you, Gentlemen,

I had a feeling it was going to be that way.

I will talk to the seller - and post any new buys in my Kurz thread.

Ref. breaking laws - that is not my way, my work requires a folder of state and federal permits that would all be jeopardized by a single foolish move - My livelihood is not something I care to risk, hence my posting this thread here.