Kynoch 30-06

I have this 30-06 cartridge:

Headstamp: K 67 .30
Bullet with GMCS jacket
If I move a magnet down the case, the bullet seems to be quite long (longer than compared with other GMCS bullets)
one side of bullet tip has traces of black paint?

Cartridge weight: 390 grain

anybody any ideas?


If you have Chris Punnett’s Book on .30-06 read page 166. Kynoch used various color dabs including BLACK on the tips for tracers made from 1962 to 1970 with your headstamp pattern and primer annulus color. Also the knurl on the projectile is typical of such according to Chris.


yes, I have the book

I decided to pull the bullet and it is certainly not a Tracer.
The bullet weights 151 grain and is quite Long ( 1,435 Inch / 36,45 MM)
The bullet is closed by (hollow-shaped) lead
Please see Picture below . Left is a M2 AP bullet and on the right is a 1925 - 172 grain match bullet.

Is this a normal ball bullet ?
All other ball bullets on UK cartridges I have, don’t have this extra cannelure.



Is it possible to post a picture of the heal or base of the projectile. Ball is most likely not going to be that long or have the extra knurl on the projectile. May be an incendiary at this point, if you feel strongly the base is lead.


René, I have just pulled one of my Kynoch tracer bullets from a 1966-dated case and it is very similar to yours weighing 150.5gns and a length of 37.19mm. I would have expected the base of the bullet to have a thick coating of bright green lacquer as is generally found on British tracers however my specimen appears to be filled with a very dark grey, almost black, compound which certainly looks to be lead. But under a good light I can just see that mine does have a very thin coat of the green lacquer over the compound and I am certain that this would make it a tracer. Perhaps if you scrape a little at the compound you will find that it is not lead.

Hi guys,

thanks for the feedback.
I will post a picture and llok at the compound later today or tomorrow


Here we go again.
The first picture shows the back of the bullet

Then I scratched it a bit with a sharp knife and to my surprise it turned out that the
substance (whatever it is) was a bit green (see pics 2 & 3) and underneath there seems
to be something made of brass. I hope it is visible on the pictures.
Maybe a Tracer after all ??

Yes, I revert back to my original assumption of tracer. I looked in Marcello’s book and it seems like the Headstamp: K 67 .30 is known for several tracer variations.