Kynoch .30 Flanged Box

Recently acquired, with a nice add-on label. Date code should indicate March 14, 1921.
Charles A. Heyer operated a gunshop in Nairobi, British East Africa.




Interesting mark to the right of the “C”.

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14 N O is 14 June 1920 or 14 June 1940 as I understand the codes

I have a 9mm Para box by DWM from the 1930s that is in English and has a sticker in it for Meyer & Company in Nairobi!


I don’t know what that “arrow” marking is, but in my opinion, it is not the Broad Arrow British military property mark. JMHO.

John Moss

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A weird mark I have not seen before, definitely NOT the British WD. Broad Arrow.
And yes I think the date of 1920 more likely - they were too busy in 1940 with the war effort to be sending out this type of commercial ammo.
Kynoch/Nobel/ICI did sometimes put on specific code marks for certain intended retailers, such as the red arrow seen on other boxes - perhaps this is one of these ?


I agree it is not a broadarrow or government mark. Looked at my Nobel / Kynoch boxes & all I could find was this, which is an over labeled box of the same era that Randy show, as can be seen on the back where the same color under label shows & where this partial mark is. The under label does not have a lot-code as it is a bit unglued from the upper and I peeked.
PS lot on this is a bit hard to see but it is “14 P C”

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Those are nice .30 Krag and 30-06 boxes that I do not have.
I checked my Nobel boxes and I am sure it is a C and not an O. My C is also with a gap otherwise the rubber stamp would have to have a piece out of the O ?
All my Nobel boxes fit the post 1926 dates A to F.
I have not seen 30army’s pre 1926 date codes PRIMAX etc before. Did I miss a reference?

Yes, a C

Here is another odd stamp found on a 7.63 mm Mauser box from 1966:

Here is an anchor on a .500 BPE 3 1/4" by Kynoch Factories of Nobel Industries Ltd. London. Dated for H&H.

I withdrew some confusing posts and the chart I made and will await input from those more qualified than I in these matters.

I have been checking my British boxes especially the Nobel ones in yellow, blue and green labels (for Smokeless, N for BP and BP).
I am casting doubt on that dating code list for 1911 to 1926. The list is not in my Hedlund 1st edition. Is there a 2nd edition?
There are two C’s in the month codes for May and July. (An error?)
I need photos of Nobel boxes using these codes.

All of my 33 box examples match the 1926-1973 date codes.
I have every month H to S (Jan-Dec) and years A to G (1926-1932).
These are all boxes by Kynoch Factories of Nobel Industries Limited, London.
I show two .242 Vickers boxes 29 1 F (1932) and 11 H B (1927).
I thought the 1932 box was earlier but neither fits into the 1911-1926 codes.

Both the yellow boxes show from year C are definitely 1928 and not 1921 in my opinion from my examples since they are both Kynoch Factories of Nobel Industries.
I need to see box examples to make me a believer.

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The list from 30army does not apply to Nobel Industries boxes but DOES seem to fit boxes made by KYNOCH LIMITED, Birmingham. These all seem to be Axite smokeless boxes either white or with an orange band.
I will start a new thread later with photos. Ron.