Kynoch .303 Drill rounds

Most .303 collectors will be familiar with the non standard drill rounds made by Kynoch that are simply headstamped with a “K”. These generally conform to the description of the issue Drill D Mark VI with a white metal fluted case and a blind cap chamber. They differ only in the headstamp and the type of paint in the case flutes. Whereas the D Mark VI uses an opaque paint, these Kynoch rounds are marked with a clear lacquer, more akin to nail varnish.

There are two types, one with the headstamp at 6 o’clock and the other at 12 o’clock

It would seem that these were a private venture by Kynoch, as the design of the D Mark VI was finalised by 1917 and it served throughout the twenties and thirties virtually unchanged. The Royal Navy introduced the D Mark VII in 1932 but the army seem to have been happy with the D.VI. I have checked Ordnance Board Proceedings and SAC Minutes but can find no reference to any trials with these Kynoch drill rounds.

I have two other versions of these rounds.

The first is similar except that the bullet is seated further out of the case, giving an overall length some 5mm longer than normal. This picture shows the difference.

It too has the “K” at six o’clock but has no lacquer in the flutes. I am quite sure this is intentional as you will note there are no 3 x 120 neck crimps because the bullet cannelure is in the wrong position.

I wondered if this round was designed to produce a feed stoppage in the Vickers gun in the same way as the WWI “Purple Label” .303 and the “Stoppage Instructional” drills for the 7.92mm BESA.

The last round is the most odd. It is like the others except that the bullet point is spring loaded and depresses by about 5mm.

This is a very well made device and needed a special bullet envelope. The external diameter of the main envelope at the top where the point fits is 0.225" whereas at the same place on a normal bullet the diameter is 0.205".

What is the purpose of this? Could it be designed to “snub” in the feedway of the gun and produce a different feed stoppage.

All thoughts and comments, including ridicule at my theories welcome.