Kynoch .318 Nitro

Sorting through a box full of stuff acquired many years ago I found this lurking near the bottom.

A search revealed almost nothing about it, the copper part of the bullet is strongly magnetic whilst the silver cap is not magnetic at the tip but becomes increasingly more so to towards the knurl.

Can anyone fill in the details ?


Shown in George Hoyem’s ‘History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition’ Vol.3, P137.

.318 Westley Richards Accelerated Express.

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My inert example has a different h/s and three point crimp.

Presume that this is also Kynoch?

Hope this may be helpful.

Looks like Westley Richards

It is Wesley Richards Mine is head stamped W.R.

I thought as much, it was the “Kynoch” case that threw me, also that the bullet looks slightly diffeent to that shown in the 1938-39 Westley-Richards brochure;


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