Kynoch .320


I have a rimmed, straight walled round headstamped “KYNOCH .320”. The case length is: 20.5mm / 0.86". I know rounds with this headstamp came in several case lengths. What is the correct name for this round?

There is a round listed on with a case length of 21.5mm (0.85") as .32 Long CF / .32 Long Webley / .32 Long Tranter. Is this what I have? This wouldn’t surprise me as I have read that minor variations in case length did not matter with these heeled bullet revolver rounds.


Hi Falcon - official Kynoch length for .320 L is .800/.810 inch. Usually headstamped .320 L - sometimes they used the .320 Short hst bunter - hence just the .320 designation. However as you say - expect some variation in this one-time popular round.


Cheers John, was this a pistol or rifle (or both) round?


Hi Falcon - the British .320 Long was developed as a Rook & Rabbit Rifle cartridge about 1870 - though I’m sure it was also used in revolvers. JP-C


Cheers Kohn, I will change it from “Commercial Pistol Imperial” to “Commercial Rifle Imperial” in my records, if it was developed as a rifle round.