Kynoch .38SW black powder ammunition production


Hi all. I am trying to ascertain when Kynoch ceased production of the .38SW black powder revolver ammunition. I have not been able to find any info on the net so I am hoping that a forum member may be able to help. I have a full box of this ammo in the red and green box ( 50 cartridges).

in anticipation!


Kynoch ammo list in 1940 Stoegers lists 38 S&W BP load.
PH 1939 catalogue lists Kynoch BP 38 S&W.
PH 1954 cat lists only one Kynoch 38 S&W load assume is smokeless


My 1935 Kynoch catalogue lists a 10 grain BP load, but the 1957 only lists a blank with BP. The ball load is only smokeless.



Kynoch were still making BP blanks circa 1970 I remember them very clearly from my school sports days. I collected them up and took them home, and the boxes. The signs were there even then.


Thanks fellas for the info. Sorry to delay reply but had a sick granddaughter to worry about